How to Repair a Small Chip in Your Windshield

Small star breaks may seem insignificant, but they can easily spread, especially spreading cracks. Even the smallest star break can cover a large part of the windshield, so it's important to check and repair them immediately. If you're not sure if the damage is repairable, you can send a photo of the windshield damage to an expert for evaluation. The cost of repairing a cracked or chipped windshield can vary significantly, depending on the extent of the damage and the sophistication of your vehicle. Very similar to the protective paint film (PPF), windshield film is very transparent and provides a physical barrier between the windshield and the environment.

While OEM windshields are usually manufactured by car brands, they don't always provide maximum protection against breaks and cracks. To ensure maximum protection, you can install protective coatings on your windshield. However, some windshield repair shops may not be able to perform these calibrations, so you may have to send your car to the dealer for repair. Windshield repair kits are available for minor damage from projectiles less than an inch in diameter and cracks no larger than 12 inches. However, these kits won't work on multi-layer windshields or more than one layer of glass.

So, apart from safety, it's in your financial best interest to quickly repair any damage to the windshield.

Carole Zarrella
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